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How to Deal with Hard Things

We all deal with difficult or hard situations. We all have this in common. When these situations arise, we sometimes don’t have a clear understanding of how to approach them and how to properly handle them.

sepia-riverI’ve dealt with many difficult situations in my life and through these simple steps, these simple actions, that anyone can take, I’ve been able to overcome what seem to be the most insurmountable of obstacles.

The first thing is Do Not Avoid Your Problems. It will not go away. Denial will only make it worse. You must see the truth of the matter. You may think to yourself that it is impossible for you to find the answer or to see the truth. This is incorrect. Your feelings of denial and fear are standing in your way. To overcome denial and fear you only need one thing: Truth. As they say, The truth will set you free, and that is more true than we know. Be honest with yourself, no matter what the situation and no matter how hard, if you are not honest with yourself you are only doing yourself a disservice. Once you are honest with yourself about what the matter really is, then you can move on to the next step.

The next thing to do is Embrace The Problem and Then Simply Release It. Welcome the problem into your mind. It exists and most likely you can’t control it. To embrace the situation try positive sayings such as: I see what has to be done now, or say out loud “I know you exist problem and I am okay with you. I will correct my situation.” Once of you have come to terms with the problem and accepted the reality of the situation simply release it. Give it no power over you. The only way it can affect you, the only way Anything can affect you, is if we let it. It is merely a thing, outside of you, that cannot control you. Say goodbye to it and then you will be able to move on to the next step.

The final thing you need to do is Take Action. Begin with small steps. Visualize what you want your outcome to be and put plans into effect that will produce that outcome. Once you have decided your outcome, that will produce your happiness, begin to take small steps towards that goal. Write it out on paper. Keep a journal to document your progress and help keep you on track. For example, if your goal is to lose 10lbs, you may start with a small goal of lowering your calorie intake and adding more exercises into your routine. Then log it into your journal and stay the course.

In truth, it is a fairly simple process that we, as human beings, over complicate. We either deal with the hard things and get better or we don’t and we stay stuck in the life and problems we’ve always known. This is a simple truth for every single person in the world.

You can do it, friends. Be blessed.

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