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Cinnamon and Weight Loss

Cinnamon and Weight Loss

cinnamon and weight lossThe common cinnamon you have in your cupboard is good for more than adding spice to an apple pie. According to a review of the properties of cinnamon by the United States Department of Agriculture, it reduces inflammation in the body, improves insulin’s ability to metabolize blood sugar, inhibits the growth of cancer cells and reduces blood pressure. Published in the May 2010 issue of the “Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology,” researchers also report that cinnamon decreases body fat and improves levels of lean body mass. The USDA reports that cinnamon’s active components are found in the water-soluble fraction of cinnamon, and not in cinnamon oil, which means that adding common cinnamon to tea, porridge or even salads will help you reap cinnamon’s benefits.

Taken fromĀ Johnathan Pugh – Personal Training.


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